About Us

Tallis Mediterranean and Greek Cooking Vacations specializes in distinctive culinary tourism in Greece. This hands-on culinary tourism, in small, carefully-structured groups, with classic menus chock-full of vegetables, herbs, and olive oil, and the choicest selection of natural, healthy dishes, make up the Mediterranean Diet.

On Tallis Mediterranean and Greek Cooking Vacations, you will experience cooking and baking as you never had, at traditional Greek restaurants, under the direction of outstanding chefs. Our chefs will share all of the little secrets that make the difference between good food and fabulous food

Augmenting and enhancing the adventure of cooking and baking, you will stroll in the Peloponnese, the cradle of civilization and Greek mythology, the site of Greece’s first capital city. You will sample the choicest wines of dozens of wineries scattered throughout Nemea, the ancient site in the northeastern part, which have been specializing in winemaking for 4,000 years. You will make genuine Greek feta cheese, splash in the mineral waters and the luxurious spa at Loutraki, soak up the sun on the beaches of Greek Riviera, and much, much more.

Tallis hosts small, structured groups so that the culinary experience is focused and personalized. We cater to executives, corporations, alumni associations, and travel incentive groups, whose needs, tastes, and preferences are very familiar to Dr. Avital (Tali) Stein, the founder and CEO of Tallis .

Tali was the co-founder and first CEO of the Jerusalem College of Engineering, CEO of the Technion, one of the world’s leading institutes of science and engineering, and Director General of the Council for Higher Education. Tali specializes in incentivizing and rewarding employees and motivating, and empowering executives at different levels of the organization.

Only after you get back home will you be able to grasp the power of bonding and the burst of motivation that are created in just a few days of cooking together the amazing Greek cuisine, in the gorgeous restaurants, with our traditional Greek chefs, on fascinating tours in the pathways of Classic Greek history and mythology. All of this, together with the healthy Mediterranean food, exquisitely seasoned with the aromatic olive oil and fragrant spices that are part and parcel of the culture and tradition of the Greek people will contribute to a multi-sensual experience.